About Cory Lavine

Pianist Cory Lavine’s journey to Nashville originated from a small town of about 1600 in Upstate New York. Cory started classical piano when he was nine years old. Having a difficult time reading music, he learned to play by ear via Suzuki. After a short time, he was then able to read music.

During his teenage years, Cory became involved with computers, keyboards, and drum machines. With the direction the electronic instruments were taking him in, along with his own musical interests, he decided to stop with the lessons. According to Cory, this was not an easy decision to make, having studied with his teacher for six years.


Graduating high school in 1990, Cory performed with Young American Showcase. Based in Florida, this company placed him in a five piece rock band where he played keyboards. The band did assembly programs in both middle schools and high schools using Top 40 rock n’ roll music.

They preached against using drugs and alcohol to accomplish one’s goals and dreams in life. If the schools would allow it, they would tell them they were Christians. The band averaged 12 shows a week for 10 months straight. He toured nine states and traveled through countless others.

Despite his love for traveling, performing, and speaking to the kids, after a year-and-a-half, Cory thought it was time to pack up the keys and begin a new venture. When he returned home, however, he found himself at a crossroad. Of course he loved music, but knew he either had to find a job or else go back to school.

Not knowing which way to turn, he decided to go back to school. In 1995, he received his Associate degree in liberal arts and social sciences from SUNY Canton. He then went on to receive his BA in music and sociology from St. Lawrence University in 1997. While studying the books, he also played an active role in youth ministry.

Although he spent time in New York and later in North Carolina doing youth ministry, Cory wanted to continue pursuing the music, but just didn’t have an answer. So in the summer of 1998, being inspired to find one, Cory loaded up a U-Haul, with his Mercury Capri in tow, and headed west from North Carolina to Arizona to study recording and sound engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.

To finish school, he needed to find a place for an internship. To accomplish this, he contacted a colleague who he knew from his days with Showcase that lived and worked in Nashville. He gave Cory some possibilities to check out to not only land him an internship, but to also pay for a roof over his head. And in 1998, Cory made his way to Music City.

From 1998 until 2005, Cory worked doing audio visual for trade shows and conventions. Having lost his job in 2005, due to company contracts, this found him at yet another crossroad. Thinking of the years he had spent to get him this far in life, he wasn’t about to turn back now. He decided to focus this time more from within. So in September of 2005, Cory took the leap of faith and moved into the hospitality industry as a bellman.

For this position, you really need to like being around people,” Cory states. “You meet all kinds of people all day long.” Over the years, Cory achieved much success while meeting 1000’s from all over the world. However, there was one whom he met back in 2009 that forever changed his life.

“Unfortunately,” say’s Cory, “I don’t remember her name, where she was from, or why she was here. But we did share our stories of what brought us here to Nashville.”

As they finished sharing their stories, she then asked Cory the following…

“Are you doing anything more with your music?” Cory replied, “No. Not at the moment.” She then said, “Just don’t forget why you came here.”

Not too long after this, things started happening. Along with his new burst of inspiration, Cory started meeting people within the industry, including pianist David Nevue. David is the founder of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. An Internet broadcast featuring over 200 solo pianists from around the world.

David, along with other renowned pianists David Lanz, Joseph Akins, and Philip Wesley were performing at a local studio in Nashville. After hearing them perform, and learning more about the industry, the answer became clearer for Cory to get back to the music. This time, though, as a solo pianist.

His debut album Out of the Blue is a collection of songs he composed shortly after his encounter back in 2009. Cory has not been involved directly in the music industry for over 2o years, nor had composed any music prior for this album. Recorded on a Yamaha C7, his songs have both a classical and contemporary feel to them. His album was released September 13, 2015.

Since its release, Cory’s music has been streaming on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Enlightened Piano Radio, Solo Piano Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and many others. His music has been loved by both the young and the young at heart. Whether his music is being played at weddings, in piano lessons, gift shops, or at nap time, his music has certainly made an impression on those who have listened to it.

As a result, in the fall of 2016, Cory won Best New Artist with Enlightened Piano Radio. With the station being represented in nine countries around the world, and featuring over 150 solo pianists, it was an award ceremony that he’ll never forget. Especially with it being held on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship. Whereas the award ceremony for 2017, will be held in October at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN.

Cory is currently working on his second album, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2018.