Cory Featured In Mystery Novel!

One of my favorite past times that I’ve enjoyed through the years is reading books.  It’s fun getting caught up in a great book.  Especially when the author puts you right there amongst all the action.  With May being “Get Caught Reading a Book Month,” I thought I would briefly mention how neat it was to be featured in a mystery novel by Joyce Godwin Grubb titled, “Mysteries of the Dogwood Diaries.”

From the Author
The Mysteries of the Dogwood Diaries is a favorite, and the most current book I’ve written. I love it because the characters are so intense and, fluid as they move the plot at record speed. I was able to embed five mysteries to be solved within the novel, and the unique main plot and its way of trapping everyone in the web of conspiracy are done with humor and unexpected revelations.

The fact that the story takes place in some of my favorite locations; Nashville, New York, and the wonderful fictional town of Secret Springs, Arkansas makes my author’s pen skip a beat. I love the town and its mysteries and people. I enjoy that it reflects the true Arkansas nature of its people in that while they are hospitable, they do not embrace strangers into their inner circle easily. “What happens there, is buried there, and sometimes prematurely.”

The Matriarch, Marguerite McKenna is the epitome of what we all perceive to be the “in control and perfectly revered and renowned town monarch” by virtue of her wealth and power. Feared, resented and yet respected, she has ruled from her on high home for her entire adult life. When she summons Blaine Stryker, equally renowned in her own world as a Pulitzer Prize nominee, it is with trepidation that she is forced by the Matriarch to respond. The reader can smell the “blood and fear” as the words lead the scent of the hunt.

It is perhaps the men in the storyline who intrigue the reader as much as the heroine. Each has a role in her life that creates conflict and doubt between the men. There is no doubt that Walker Rhoades is a man’s man and sees the world as a federal agent; cut and dried, black and white. He views women, especially professional and independent women as burdens, threats and untrustworthy. Enter Blaine Styker. With her, all his negatives and doubts are magnified when he looks past the immediate problem of physical attraction to her, and see’s her ever-present and vigilant mystery man and companion, Cory Stryker.

The mysteries keep the reader moving at such a fast pace, that it is hard to catch your breath when you see the flames of attraction being fanned and you know the emotions are simmering. One doesn’t know if they want to turn the page and solve the mystery, or turn the page and experience the passion.

The humor, love, compassion, and spirit of the mysteries will forever brand in your hear they gut-wrenching experiences which drive these characters, and the immense sacrifice and unconditional love of Cory Stryker and all it means to be a “real man.”

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