Cory’s Album Show from the United Kingdom!



In February, my debut release, Out of the Blue was reviewed by Steve & Chrissie Sheppard with One World Music Radio, from Cyprus.  Based in the U.K., their station covers many different genres.  As a result, they are currently the largest of their kind in Europe.

Below are the four audio segments I did with them. I thought all of these segments were well done and had a great time working with each of them.

Album Review

To get a great overall flow and feel of the album, Steve goes into detail about the songs in the “Album Review.”  Time for this segment is 7:25.


Featured Artist

The “Featured Artist” was with Chrissie.  This was done at 5:00 am CST via Skype!  They are eight hours ahead of Nashville time.  Questions are asked about my music background, along with discussions about the songs on the album.  Time for this segment is 33:57.


Album Show

The “Album Show” with Steve, reviews each of my songs from the first track to the last.  The songs are played in their entirety. Time for this segment is 35:24.


Artist of the Month

The “Artist of the Month” show with Bruce Gall goes into detail about my early beginnings with the piano right up till now.  If you would like to hear the journey of my music from me directly,  I believe you would really enjoy this.  Time for this segment is 1hr 10min.

Top 100 Chart

OWMR also has a Top 100 Chart.  This is a chart that ranks those shows and reviews like mine on a monthly basis based on how many plays they receive!  My album debuted at #3 in March and dropped three spots to #6 in April.  For May, it went to #2 and for June it’s holding at #3. If you like what you hear with these audio segments of mine above, would love for you to share these with your friends via social media, email, or word of mouth.  Thank you for your support!

Click here to check out the album!

  • Carley Asberry

    I love my new CD by you & highly recommend it to everyone to buy. It will melt away stress! Your style is so nice I hope no one misses this opportunity. I am so anxious to see it become # 1 in June as that’s where it belongs. Blessings

    • “Thank you” so much Carley for being a fan and for your support. It’s great greating the feedback. Let’s me know how those like yourself are enjoying my music. And yes, it would be great to see my album hit #1! Blessings to you Carley and again “thanks”!:)

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