Family Time Back in New York

This picture was taken on Mother’s Day at Zion Episcopal Church in Colton, NY where my mother serves as Deacon Vicar.

This last month I headed backed to New York to spend some time with my folks.  Although, I got back this past Christmas; I had some vacation time coming to me I needed to use up, so I spent some time at home.  What made this trip fun was being home for Mother’s Day!

I have to say; the weather was nice.  At least to me!  Not too hot or too cold.  It felt just right. With this being the case, this gave me the opportunity to help get some things done around the house.  Cleaning out the eves troughs, raking the lawn, and some other odds and ends to help get everything ready for summer.

Whether it was getting things done around the house, or watching some Yankees’ baseball with dad, it was fun being back home.  Another thing we did as a family growing up was playing cards.  And we did a lot of that this time around!

I also had a great time getting caught up with parishioners there at my mother’s church. The last Sunday before I left, I had the privilege of playing before the start of the service.  This was fun.  I just sat down and played whatever came to mind!  And it turned out quite well.

I have to say it was great being back home in New York!  It’s those times when you’re separated by almost a thousand miles like I am that you come to appreciate and value the time you have when your with family and friends.  And also how important family plays a role in our overall success and well-being in life.

How about you?  What role does family play for you?  Leave a comment below!

  • Karen says:

    Family is everything! This is a wonderful picture of you and your mom! It is great you were able to be with her on Mother’s Day – she and your dad are so proud of what you have accomplished and of Tom and his family!!

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