Looking Back on 2018!

There were a lot of great things that took place in 2018.  From events I took part in to having my music being played around the world.  It was an exciting year!   The picture here above was taken at the Queen’s Staircase in the Bahamas!

Everything kicked off last March and May.  I took part in two benefit concerts that supported HNC (Head and Neck Cancer).  In March, several artists played at Miller Piano Specialists and in May at Brothers Burger Joint.  Debra Sheridan, who is both a survivor of cancer and the CEO of HNC, has done a phenomenal job in spreading the word and building awareness around head and neck cancer. 

The month of June brought my second cruise I’ve been on relating to music.  The first one in 2016 when I won Best New Artist with Enlightened Piano Radio.  This last summer I was with my good friend and pianist Joseph Akins, along with his wife Unita.  He was the featured performer for Audiosyncracy at Sea.  It was a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. 

We sailed to St. Maarten’s, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. It was a beautiful cruise and very relaxing! What also made this fun is that I performed 4 of my songs.  I didn’t expect that to happen!  So, I not only shared the stage with Joseph, but a mutual friend of ours, pianist Michele McLaughlin.  This last month she was in Rolling Stone Magazine which was awesome!

July I launched my first radio campaign.  My Out of the Blue album was on 140 stations around the world.  As a result, my music was added to the C. A. R. E.  Channel and my single, Fly Away played on Sirius XM Radio.  It is on the Spa Channel #68.

My single Fly Away was also added to Air Mauritius Airlines, and my album to Flynas in October.  This is the first time my music has been on any airlines.  I also found out two months back that my music was added to two more airlines; Fly Away on the Thomas Cook Group there in the UK and my album to Air Senegal.

As I am writing this now in 2019, 2018 was a great year.  It‘s filled with fond memories and good times.  Definitely a year I was grateful to have had, and thankful for the support I’ve received from fans like yourself.  Thank you so much!