Single Tasking Day


It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward” – Old Chinese Proverb

If there’s one task I am trying to do better at for 2019, it would be completing that task! 🙂 What happens, like with the woman pictured here is that we have so much going on in our lives that needs to be done.  Whether it be at home, work, or trying to make plans for that family get-together next week, it can be very stressful and give us quite the headache!

The idea here behind the single tasking, is to break those tasks down in to smaller ones; one step at a time.  To determine what those smaller pieces are and completing them is the key to accomplishing that task. 

I know for myself, there’s a lot to think of when it comes my music.  From the creation side to the marketing side, online, off-line, and everywhere in between.  There’s a lot of tasks! 

I love the proverb above.  If I am to put that to practice, and I am working on my album, I want to be focusing on one song at a time.  By doing this, it gives me both the energy and opportunity to put my time and efforts in to that one song and not to be rushing through it.  Which hopefully will not only make a great song but also a great album.

So, as we make our way here through 2019, what tasks are you wanting to complete?  Let me know in the comments here below.  Thanks!